Bisque a’la jadii

1. Basmati white rice (1/2 cup)
2. 1 can of tomato bisque
3. 1 thai chile cut into small pieces
4. 6 large shrimp, peeled entirely
5. 2 tbsp unsalted butter
6. 1/2 large cluster of chopped garlic
7. 1/4th cup black been sauce
8. 1/8th cup black beens
9. 1/8th cup chopped cilantro
9. 1/8th cup chopped black olives from can
10. 1/8th cup olive oil from can
11. 1 cup water
12. Fried/nonbreaded okra
13. 1/8th cup non-sweet corn
13. Traditionaly seasoned, cut and fried Bratwurst
1. Place all butter, shrimp and garlic into medium size pot and turn heat to medium, occasionally and gently stirring to ensure marry of sauces and even cook. Turn fire down to low after about 8-10 min. Halfway through this process, add cilantro and distribute evenly.
2. While other ingredients are marrying, place all water and basmati rice into another medium size pot, cover and heat on medium for 10-15 min or so (until rice sticks at bottom of pot, covering evenly).
3. Place all chile, black been ingredients, corn, okra, bratwurst, tomato bisque and olive ingredients into pot with shrimp sauce and return heat to medium. Stir occasionally to marry ingredients. Turn heat to high until boiling. Once boiling, reduce heat to low.
4. When rice is done, place all rice into the mixture and stir evenly to marry. Keep heat at low.
5. After cooking on low for 15 min, serve Continue reading


What person is complete without being able to express themselves through catharsis? I thought so too! I’ve studied religion for years and Satanism was just another on the heaping stack, sitting there, for probably close to 15 years, collecting dust. Anyway, I designed several rites and in true styling fashion, dove in, head first and full tilt. Like with all the religions I’ve studied, I found it utterly fascinating and yet another means to connect to people… or be alienated by them. I’ve taken a lot from life. You can fault me for this if you like but I prefer to consider how very dynamic it makes me. I have had few “dull” moments in my life. I may or may not share more than I have in this post.

Without further ado, here we go! Continue reading

Why I left FaceBook

I was there since the beginning, back in 2006; that’s right, back when you had to have a college email address to have an account. I remember being reluctant to sign up after other social catastrophe websites showed up on campus and anyone and everyone seemed to be instantly joining. I tended to wait and see where things went. I eventually signed up, a few months later and over the years, I slowly built a social profile for myself on the up-and-coming Facebook platform.

Fast-forwarding to 2017, I decided that my career needed a leg-up and that I should stop allowing my social life to blur the line of separation between work and play. There were only a few people on my friends list who I’d worked with but I was thinking about the future and thinking about all the great people I looked up to who would all commend such an effort, including I thought, even Facebook. Wow was I wrong. Continue reading

Favorite Trance Tracks

There’s music all around us, all the time but how much of it reaches into your heart, impacts you and leaves a mark so deep that you’ll never forget it? This is a list from my own collection. It’s possible that new tracks will make it to my page but honestly, how many can really? I’ve been exceedingly brief with my explanations as to why these tracks are so profound to me; just know, there is a lot going on in my heart when I listen. Continue reading