World of Warcraft

A hugely immersive, multiplayer, online, community driven, Mac/PC game that I have been playing since 2012. I would have started sooner but back when I was originally invited, I was busy working through my undergrad bachelor of science. Friends of mine had asked me if I’d care to join them while they smoked hookah and raided and I remember thinking, wow, what weird folks…LOL. Funny how things like that come back to make you look silly!
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Post Office Woes

I wrote this in an email to USPS today…

This package was supposed to be here about 2 weeks ago. I waited and waited and finally I found the tracking number and discovered that the package was sitting at some unknown location waiting to be delivered. On delivery day, it never came, though the post office said it did. They also said they left a note, which they didn’t. They also reported my box as destroyed, which it’s not. In any case, I rescheduled the package. No harm I thought. Today, it was slated to be redelivered at some unknown time. I sat outside for 8 hours waiting. The post office guy said he had no idea what I was talking about when he finally showed. I went to the post office and they can’t find the package and said that they will try to find it… I’m super confused about the incompetency from a reputable company. I’ll dismiss that and not report this to the BBB if I finally get my package. This is utter silliness. Thank you and no, I don’t think it is somehow “your” fault but someone is definitely needing a career change I think.

I forgot to mention to them that I waited for about an hour and a half at the post office too… for someone to tell me they could not help me. lmfao



Bisque a’la jadii

1. Basmati white rice (1/2 cup)
2. 1 can of tomato bisque
3. 1 thai chile cut into small pieces
4. 6 large shrimp, peeled entirely
5. 2 tbsp unsalted butter
6. 1/2 large cluster of chopped garlic
7. 1/4th cup black been sauce
8. 1/8th cup black beens
9. 1/8th cup chopped cilantro
9. 1/8th cup chopped black olives from can
10. 1/8th cup olive oil from can
11. 1 cup water
12. Fried/nonbreaded okra
13. 1/8th cup non-sweet corn
13. Traditionaly seasoned, cut and fried Bratwurst
1. Place all butter, shrimp and garlic into medium size pot and turn heat to medium, occasionally and gently stirring to ensure marry of sauces and even cook. Turn fire down to low after about 8-10 min. Halfway through this process, add cilantro and distribute evenly.
2. While other ingredients are marrying, place all water and basmati rice into another medium size pot, cover and heat on medium for 10-15 min or so (until rice sticks at bottom of pot, covering evenly).
3. Place all chile, black been ingredients, corn, okra, bratwurst, tomato bisque and olive ingredients into pot with shrimp sauce and return heat to medium. Stir occasionally to marry ingredients. Turn heat to high until boiling. Once boiling, reduce heat to low.
4. When rice is done, place all rice into the mixture and stir evenly to marry. Keep heat at low.
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Sex Ed School Dream

I’ll say it again.
I’d love to open a school one day. There’s a lot to it but one aspect would be to teach people how to have sex, partly by putting them in real encounters.

I feel that one reason people are so dysfunctional when it coms to sex is because many simply don’t have the opportunity. So, when it finally might happen, they wobble badly. Calibration is imperative for relationships and not least of all, sex. If exposure is missing, it is my experience, that the person will be more or less clueless when it comes to sex. Before transition, I was highly sexual. When I became what I am, sex was cheap. I didn’t have it often but I was bombarded by reckless sexual advances and well, let’s just say it completely flipped my views.
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