Post Office Woes

I wrote this in an email to USPS today…

This package was supposed to be here about 2 weeks ago. I waited and waited and finally I found the tracking number and discovered that the package was sitting at some unknown location waiting to be delivered. On delivery day, it never came, though the post office said it did. They also said they left a note, which they didn’t. They also reported my box as destroyed, which it’s not. In any case, I rescheduled the package. No harm I thought. Today, it was slated to be redelivered at some unknown time. I sat outside for 8 hours waiting. The post office guy said he had no idea what I was talking about when he finally showed. I went to the post office and they can’t find the package and said that they will try to find it… I’m super confused about the incompetency from a reputable company. I’ll dismiss that and not report this to the BBB if I finally get my package. This is utter silliness. Thank you and no, I don’t think it is somehow “your” fault but someone is definitely needing a career change I think.

I forgot to mention to them that I waited for about an hour and a half at the post office too… for someone to tell me they could not help me. lmfao


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