Second Puberty

Is it just me or is this like, never discussed? I mean sure, it’s mentioned but actively discussed and its implications dissected? Nope, not even once in my memory did I hear someone “discussing” second puberty. Ok half of my audience is now scratching their heads or thinking I am literally nuts. WAIT! It gets good and no! This is not a theoretical puberty that I am discussing here. I’m talking about a puberty takes place after the initial puberty everyone has. The timeline for when it occurs is sometime after the initial puberty and sometime before death. Before I get to the specifics of how on earth this is possible and what on earth catastrophes this might cause, I want to prime you a bit.

Try to think back to your puberty. Can you? Not many of us remember our puberty it seems but any time I have attempted to remember it, I set it in more recent settings of my life and try to understand how one would function. So, here’s a scenario: X person is working Y job, at age 56, engaged in ABC…K relationship at work, in their home life and or online, between their spouses, siblings, coworkers, etc; you get the idea. How would X person fair in those tasks? How would you fair? Do you think you would be making a lot of the same mistakes you did when you were younger? It’s fair to argue that you’re more mature now and have greater experience but let me give you a measuring rod. The length of the rod is that of the comparison between the majority sex drive of the average person you know, to the greatness of puberty’s effectual offset to a person’s life, demeanor, modes of operation, ability to concentrate and make complex decisions or otherwise get along in public spaces. Do you get it yet? If not, consider that puberty’s effects are that of an everlasting erection that simply won’t quit, no matter how tired you are. No, I don’t think that puberty should necessarily be compared to sex. I’m just using sex as the example because everyone knows how out of control sex and its natures can be. Ok, maybe now you are getting the picture–puberty was a tough age!

Some questions I would like to ask of our societies about this second puberty might be outlined as follows:

  • What monitoring systems do we have for the puberty?
  • What measurements do we have for detecting and treating high stress or other foreseeable issues of the puberty?
  • What treatments do we prescribe and at what level? I would tend to think it is not medicine that is so much required as it may be the acceptance of the fact that these persons will likely exhibit strange or erratic behaviors, shifting moods, high and low levels of energy, regular and major changes to their life and many other factors which are implicated in a discovery process.
  • What systems do we now have and how are they in play?

As you may have guessed, I’m talking about puberty that has been induced by hormones, specifically, hormone replacement therapy. Without doing any research, I can tell you that one progressive state in the United States only started actively offering hormone conversion to their patients as of 2012. This is real, happening and to my knowledge and experience, completely unregulated and uncharted territory from a medically professional standpoint, as well as from a work-related or otherwise related standpoint. In my estimate, the US is not collectively thinking about this important issue and I feel that this should change. There are many people in the world who this will affect so, why not make sure we have a good handle on it? Just think of an adult wielding puberty, at work. Take a minute more and really let this soak in. Take a really long long time letting this soak in and then start thinking about how much it’s going to affect other areas of the persons life. Oh and don’t forget that puberty generally lasts a long time–years! True enough, not everyone will have a wild and crazy and colorful second puberty but some will.

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