As has been said, “everything in moderation, even World of Warcraft”. I think that balance is the key to the universe. I’m talking about something we can actively do and that I hope to be doing. I’m talking about something we think about and focus on in our daily life that can aid us to think clearer, make better decisions and prevent alienation or other destruction we may cause to our lives. In my opinion, an imbalance to our person undermines our thought process, our ability to progress and makes us one-dimensional, to name my biggest issues with it. I figure some people reading this might think I’m pushing some newage garbo or some religious nuttery but I would say otherwise. I’m talking about being better people by taking fuller control of our lives and about evolving our own diversity. I’m talking about protecting our personal boundaries thereby adding respect to ourselves, about not exceeding our limits and fraying our ends, about getting a grip and realizing rampaging hedonism is not the meaning of life. I’m talking about a lot of things when I think of the word balance or actively engaging in it.

I like to think of balance as this exercise that we can engage in, where we can establish boundaries, protecting what is sacred to us, where we slowly engage and look for opportunities to challenge ourselves cautiously, where we dive into the deep end but only every so often. Knee-jerk reactions are sometimes necessary in life but to live a life necessitating knee-jerk reactions seems bad to me. I’m not talking about abandonment or forgetfulness of things that define our composition as persons but instead, I’m talking about while cultivating those things, practicing being reserved and taking time to think. I’m talking about exercising a part of ourselves that may have atrophied or may have never been in use! I’m talking about exercising a part of ourselves that I think is capable of leading us to “peaceful” places within ourselves. I’m talking about diversifying and completing the persons we are. I’m talking about being more attractive human beings. I’m talking about so many more things! Do you love? Find out what hate is and turn it over to have a look. Did you think something? Think something different and see what opposing views have to offer. Now do the reverse, again. Is there a middle ground that can be achieved and if so, find it. Sometimes I think I am lost in wondering, like Cain in Nod. A rabbi mentioned the Hebrew word for “wandering” is “nod” and the Hebrew word for “paradise” is “eden”. To me, it’s funny how scholars are still looking for physical locations of places that can only exist in one’s own perception. Woah implications I won’t get into! Anyway, I am fine with being a little lost but I don’t want to be lost entirely and I feel that balance is what will show me the way from here on in. I like who I am and adore my complex nature and so I will focus on my key to the universe unabashed and lovingly.

To me, good words to describe imbalance might be over indulgence and one-dimensional. I don’t want to offend but I personally try to avoid people who always talk about the same things, aren’t at all interested in self/life exploration and make little or no attempts to have more than one or two things at the center of their lives. Ok, argue the point that all parts of your life however complicated, can be compartmentalized into two categories: i.e. live and die. Fair enough but if that’s the issue, start breaking things down and getting a bit more detail oriented. Not everything needs to be so mind-numbingly simple, I hope. In my experience, one dimensional people are at best, unsophisticated and inexperienced and I generally find this boring as fuck. It’s important to exercise knowing how to identify when we are at milestones in our life that cause us to repeat, like scratched vinal and thereby prevent our growth. It’s important to know the upper and lower limits of these milestones so that we can find happy mediums. It’s important for us to be good to ourselves and yes, even balance needs balance.

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