Sex Ed School Dream

I’ll say it again.
I’d love to open a school one day. There’s a lot to it but one aspect would be to teach people how to have sex, partly by putting them in real encounters.

I feel that one reason people are so dysfunctional when it coms to sex is because many simply don’t have the opportunity. So, when it finally might happen, they wobble badly. Calibration is imperative for relationships and not least of all, sex. If exposure is missing, it is my experience, that the person will be more or less clueless when it comes to sex. Before transition, I was highly sexual. When I became what I am, sex was cheap. I didn’t have it often but I was bombarded by reckless sexual advances and well, let’s just say it completely flipped my views.

The goal here wouldn’t be sex reformation alone but would actually be a school that teaches how to have relationships on all levels, plutonic, professional, romantic and sexual. There would be assessments of success throughout the candidate’s school career of their progression through the milestones of relationship etiquette. The classes themselves would theoretically last for several years, if not, the duration of the educational process. This would afford the individual with more than chance-hap-hazzard encounters by making them masters of the relationship building blocks, at all levels.

There are several foreseeable benefits right off:
* People could focus on something more meaningful than finding sexual partners because they have more or less worked sexual tension out of their system. This is not to say that the appetite doesn’t exist but rather, that it is controlled, measured and responsible.
* Candidates would graduate with an acute awareness of others and how to maintain healthy relationships. This would permeate the entirety of their relationship manifold, all the way from business to pleasure and would near guarantee huge successes within that ecosystem. The successes could be outlined as their own list but some examples might be as follows: The ability to articulate and moderate desire, the proper techniques for sexual intercourse and the appropriate measures for successful careers.
* Partners would no longer be an afterthought and instead, would be encouraged to participate throughout the learning experience, thus making them masters of not only the relationship dynamic but also at all levels. These rolls would be control reversed and mixed throughout the iterative and graduating cycles of this educational process.
* Major dysfunction between romantic and sexual partners would diminish greatly and may in fact, become a novel thing of the past, with few minor exceptions. This same outcome should be expected from the business and plutonic exercises as well but to draw attention to its merit, I chose the former example.

Loosely defined here by me as a primer but later to be arbitrated and rigorously defined by regularly updated peer review, exhaustive testing and field instructor practice, the basic outline of the curriculum would have several important structures:
* Students would graduate from one aspect of relationship training to the next however, each subsequent point of their study would build upon and entirely cover the foundational elements of the previous lessons.
*  Relationship (including sex) education would no longer be theoretical. Possible parental consent at the age of 14 would be required for the admission of students into the programs that some may find objectionable.
* Multifaceted approach: The student is “partnered” off with several, but maybe not all at once, persons or groups of people who they are required to execute known objectives with. The partners themselves may also be students but this is a mute point here. The main thing to note is that the graduating class has had real-world experiences throughout the learning process.

Over the years of focusing on these thoughts, I have had many ideas on this particular subject, some of which I have listed here. I’m sure my audience has several of their own thoughts and it would be my great privilege to engage in discussion, provided that discussion lends itself to the eventual realization of these goals.

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