Favorite Trance Tracks

There’s music all around us, all the time but how much of it reaches into your heart, impacts you and leaves a mark so deep that you’ll never forget it? This is a list from my own collection. It’s possible that new tracks will make it to my page but honestly, how many can really? I’ve been exceedingly brief with my explanations as to why these tracks are so profound to me; just know, there is a lot going on in my heart when I listen. Continue reading

Why Passing PreOp Transsexual Heterosexual Women Should Not Date

And should not “fill in the blank”. “Exist” might be a good blank filler.

I realize this is a mouth-full and is a very tiny minority of the transsexual population. That’s fine. Skip it if you don’t find yourself here. However, if you do, you might want to take a few moments to get in my headspace. I have met with legions of potentials, dated hundreds and have learned a thing or two.

The title of this post needs to be clearly understood first. Continue reading

World of Warcraft

A hugely immersive, multiplayer, online, community driven, Mac/PC game that I have been playing since 2012. I would have started sooner but back when I was originally invited, I was busy working through my undergrad bachelor of science. Friends of mine had asked me if I’d care to join them while they smoked hookah and raided and I remember thinking, wow, what weird folks…LOL. Funny how things like that come back to make you look silly!
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Post Office Woes

I wrote this in an email to USPS today…

This package was supposed to be here about 2 weeks ago. I waited and waited and finally I found the tracking number and discovered that the package was sitting at some unknown location waiting to be delivered. On delivery day, it never came, though the post office said it did. They also said they left a note, which they didn’t. They also reported my box as destroyed, which it’s not. In any case, I rescheduled the package. No harm I thought. Today, it was slated to be redelivered at some unknown time. I sat outside for 8 hours waiting. The post office guy said he had no idea what I was talking about when he finally showed. I went to the post office and they can’t find the package and said that they will try to find it… I’m super confused about the incompetency from a reputable company. I’ll dismiss that and not report this to the BBB if I finally get my package. This is utter silliness. Thank you and no, I don’t think it is somehow “your” fault but someone is definitely needing a career change I think.

I forgot to mention to them that I waited for about an hour and a half at the post office too… for someone to tell me they could not help me. lmfao

Second Puberty

Is it just me or is this like, never discussed? I mean sure, it’s mentioned but actively discussed and its implications dissected? Nope, not even once in my memory did I hear someone “discussing” second puberty. Ok half of my audience is now scratching their heads or thinking I am literally nuts. WAIT! It gets good and no! This is not a theoretical puberty that I am discussing here. I’m talking about a puberty takes place after the initial puberty everyone has. The timeline for when it occurs is sometime after the initial puberty and sometime before death. Before I get to the specifics of how on earth this is possible and what on earth catastrophes this might cause, I want to prime you a bit. Continue reading


As has been said, “everything in moderation, even World of Warcraft”. I think that balance is the key to the universe. I’m talking about something we can actively do and that I hope to be doing. I’m talking about something we think about and focus on in our daily life that can aid us to think clearer, make better decisions and prevent alienation or other destruction we may cause to our lives. In my opinion, an imbalance to our person undermines our thought process, our ability to progress and makes us one-dimensional, to name my biggest issues with it. I figure some people reading this might think I’m pushing some newage garbo or some religious nuttery but I would say otherwise. I’m talking about being better people by taking fuller control of our lives and about evolving our own diversity. I’m talking about protecting our personal boundaries thereby adding respect to ourselves, about not exceeding our limits and fraying our ends, about getting a grip and realizing rampaging hedonism is not the meaning of life. I’m talking about a lot of things when I think of the word balance or actively engaging in it. Continue reading

Islamic Studies and the FBI

This is a true story, like all the stories I tell. Although it is acceptable behavior to exaggerate, when it matters most, I do my best to refrain. Here you’ll catch a glimpse into a life that was very different from the one I now have.

I can tell at least two and possibly three stories, where the FBI became involved directly with me. This story, more than the other two shocks me because of its implications. Honestly, writing this story down for the first time, makes me seriously nervous and there are parts I will likely not put into writing. There are several reasons to be nervous for me and some threats have already been made, yet, here I am finally opening up to the writing and reading world about what happened.
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In my opinion, happiness, like love, is a fickle thing; it comes and goes and it’s forms are near indiscernable. Consider that everyone defines happiness and love differently. From what makes a person happy to how they know they are experiencing love, all these details are boundless and innumerable. With each passing recount of stories you’ve heard or could tell, it’s easy to see how elusive both might be if one should go in search of them and especially so if the goal to hold onto them. Whimsical emotions, both, yet we still try to catch them in our hands and hold onto them in our hearts. A point of comparable observation is that it’s impossible to forever hold water in our hands and should we try, with every movement, the sinking realization sets in that the water is slipping through our fingers. So how does one find and hold happiness then? Is it impossible and so therefore should not be on the list of pursuits or are there tricks to finding what can seem so elusive? Continue reading